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Why Home Healthcare is Helping Families Stay Happy


Today’s seniors and their families are seeking better ways to age gracefully. And according to recent data, despite the pandemic, 77 percent of older adults want to remain in their homes as they age, rather than move to a more traditional care setting. 

But with friends and family juggling more demands and responsibilities than ever, it’s becoming a challenge for many families to keep Mom or Dad happy and healthy at home. Especially when alongside older age comes a whole host of health challenges and conditions that often require medical care. 

This is where in-home services come in. Home healthcare allows aging adults to receive day-to-day help with the care they need, preserving their dignity and maintaining a good quality of life at home.

What services does home care provide?

The term “home healthcare” can be fairly wide-ranging. At Interim HealthCare of the Twin Cities, we offer: 

Home health services

Home Health services from trained caregivers and health professionals support and prolong independence, keeping seniors happily at home, safely. Interim HealthCare of Ft. Lauderdale South offers a full spectrum of home-based services for seniors that might be temporary (to assist during rehabilitation following surgery or an injury), or long-term.

In-home care is more convenient and usually less costly than assisted living, nursing homes or rehab centers. Ultimately, the benefits for patients and families are priceless – greater comfort and peace of mind.

Hospice Care

Hospice is a type of care that brings together medical and non-medical caregivers as needed to serve patients with life-limiting illnesses, usually within the final six months of life. 

At Interim HealthCare of the Twin Cities, we believe that every life matters until the very last moment. That's why we provide a holistic approach to hospice care, focusing on the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of the patient and their loved ones. We make it our mission to help our patients live fully and comfortably, affirming their uniqueness and providing support to their family caregivers.

Home healthcare empowers families

Home healthcare has emerged as a powerful option for families seeking a better way to care for their senior loved ones. Not only does it provide exceptional medical care, opting for home healthcare can provide tremendous benefits for your family. Here are just a few ways home healthcare is helping families stay happier and healthier:

1. It nurtures senior independence.

When Mom or Dad requires more hands-on medical care, home care is customized to their precise needs. Rather than feeling trapped or helpless, seniors feel empowered and independent, playing a key role in choosing and participating in their care. 

2. It can give you peace of mind.

You can’t be with Mom or Dad 24/7. While there are tools and technologies that can help you monitor your loved one, there is no replacement for actually being there. Home healthcare is the perfect supplement to the care you and your family already provide.

No more worrying about Mom’s safety, about whether she’s eating right (or at all), or about whether she’s taking her medications on time. Nothing says love like giving Mom the boost she needs to be independent and to age on her terms, with a little helping hand from a friendly trained professional who will keep her safe and healthy.

3. It can stave off loneliness.

Chronic senior loneliness is a prevalent condition among seniors, and can contribute or exacerbate a host of other health concerns - such as high blood pressure, obesity, heart disease and mental health issues. If Mom or Dad is living alone, home healthcare has the added benefit of providing important daily, personal interaction that provides company and companionship.

4. It can help prevent caregiver burnout.

Taking care of Mom or Dad can feel like a full-time job in and of itself. Add to that the pressures of your actual job, plus taking care of your own home and duties (add even more to the list if you have your own kids), and it can feel like your days are going by in a flash.
This is a one-way trip to burnout, and it’s not good for anyone! Home healthcare services can remove much of the stress and burden from your plate, so that you can care for your loved one but also enjoy your time together without stress. It frees you to build in time for self care and finding balance. 


We’re proud to care for your loved ones

At Interim HealthCare of the Twin Cities, we are locally owned and operated and have a vested interest in serving our community. The caring and kind staff we employ love what they do and want the very best for the clients they serve. Our mission is to improve people’s lives in the community we love, and that is what we do every day. 

If you have some questions about home healthcare and would like to have a no-obligation chat with a member of our team then please fill out this form or give us a call on (651) 917-3634.


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