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What to look for in a home care agency

There are few decisions as important for your family as ones associated with the care and comfort of your older loved ones. In many cases, beginning the search for a suitable home care agency can feel overwhelming. It’s a lot to process, but the transition needn’t be a stressful one. 

Knowing what to look for before you make contact with a home care agency could save you time and effort down the road. To help you get started, here is our recommended sampling of what’s important when considering professional help at home.

Does the home care provider offer the type of care you need?

One of the most popular ways to arrange home care is through a senior care or home care agency. Find one that can provide the type of care your loved one needs, and the company will take care of all of the rest. For example, are you looking for home health care services to manage a chronic disease such as COPD, is there a family caregiver who needs a short break, or do you need coordinated hospice care services that will help your family cope when times are tough?

Before committing to a provider, gather as much information as possible about your loved ones requirements:

  • What specific activities of daily life do they need help with?       
  • How often will they need support?       
  • What time of day would help be most beneficial?      
  • How many hours a day/week can you afford to have help for?  

Answers to these questions will help the care agency prepare an individualized care plan tailored to your loved one’s needs, so they can then work on matching your family with the appropriate professional care staff.


Do the staff have the right mix of skills to make sure your loved one is kept safe?

When speaking with a care agency, it’s important to know that their staff can provide your loved one with the right care, based on their knowledge, qualifications and skills. Care teams typically include a registered home healthcare nurse, a physical therapist, an occupational therapist, a social worker or home health aide. 

The bond between client and healthcare provider is built on a foundation of compassion and trust, so look for an agency that will pair Mom with the home care specialist with whom she feels most comfortable. Once these pairings are established, clients tend to build strong, close relationships with their care providers.


What is the general look and feel of the agency?

It’s always great to have a recommendation from someone you know, but it can also be helpful to check a care agency’s ratings online. The one thing you do know is that you want only the very best, so it’s important to consider the general ethos of the providers that you shortlist. 

At Interim HealthCare of the Twin Cities, it is our comprehensive approach to home care that makes us unique. Designed to encompass care for the whole individual – mind, body and spirit, in addition to care for the family, we seek to help people look forward to rather than dread support from others.


Home Care Agencies Give You Peace of Mind While Keeping Your Family Safe

Home care services alleviate the stress and burdens associated with caring for a loved one, and help patients lead a safe, independent and engaged life at home.  

To learn more about the care options available to your loved one, give us a call today on (651) 917-3634.

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