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Myth # 1

Home care is only for very sick people

FACT: The purpose of home healthcare is to preserve an individual’s independence and keep them safe at home for as long as possible. A home health team isn't there to impede your loved one’s freedom, but rather to help them manage daily tasks on their own.

In fact, home care supports older adults to age in place and can prevent the need for relocation to a care facility altogether. 

Myth # 2

I have an elderly parent with dementia; my only option is to put them in residential care.

FACT: Many people live in their own home with early to mid-stage dementia for many years. In fact, it can often be far better for their condition: they’re surrounded by familiar sights and sensations that keep them engaged and stave off confusion. This, plus the professional support of home healthcare, is a powerful reason to stay put.

Myth # 3

Home healthcare is only for very sick people.

FACT: While home healthcare can certainly be helpful for terminally ill people, not all home care recipients are very ill. Home healthcare is also utilized by people who are recovering from an illness or injury or for people who need help coping with chronic conditions.

Myth # 4

Home healthcare cannot compete with the care provided in hospitals and other medical facilities.

FACT: Home healthcare can be just as effective, if not more so than the care your loved one will receive in a hospital or skilled nursing facility. During a home care visit, a nurse, carer or other healthcare professional will provide 1-1 support specifically to one patient: no interruptions, just quality, individualized care. 

Myth # 5

My elderly loved one can’t be kept safe at home. 

FACT: By providing the assistance they need in an environment they know well, home healthcare providers can reduce the risk of surprises, falls, and debilitating and painful injuries. Regardless of how much or little assistance your loved one needs, home healthcare will enhance their overall safety, health and wellbeing.

Myth # 6

Home healthcare breeds loneliness. 

FACT: In many cases home healthcare actually promotes companionship and nurturing relationships, which are so important to seniors who are experiencing hard times.  

Sadly, many elderly people find that their relationships with loved ones change when they move out of their home and into a care facility. But patients who are able to receive care in their own home can welcome guests, invite family overnight, and have private conversations without interruption. They can receive phone calls and house calls whenever they choose with no limit on visiting hours.

For older people who may not have family members close by, a professional caregiver can provide a well-needed, regular source of companionship. 


Home HealthCare Improves People’s Lives 

At Interim HealthCare of the Twin Cities, we make it our mission to improve the lives of people in the community we love. We’ve seen first-hand the life-changing impact home healthcare makes, allowing clients and patients to stay in familiar surroundings for as long as possible, while providing peace of mind to their family members.

Think home health might be right for your family? Here’s our top tips for what to look for in a home care agency. 


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